My Experience of Papua

  “We are the ones we have been waiting for!” exclaimed one of the village leaders during the evaluation of the course. I have been through so many real life experiences in community awareness raising programmes but the one in Numfor speaks to me the most about the power of popular education. Numfor is selected…
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TFT Palestine

Training for Transformation Palestine For 10 days in April 2014 five facilitators and community activists from Palestine, Europe and South Africa travelled the length and breadth of Palestinian civil society, both in the West Bank and in Israel, meeting and speaking with various organisations and individuals from the grassroots resistance struggles. This study tour was…
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A personal reflection

For about three weeks in June and July, TFT was in Papua, Indonesia (find it on a map now before reading on). We were completing the last leg of a two year process of accompanying a community of mountain and island people as they continue to find their voices to tell their own stories, read their…
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