Walking alongside people

My name is Thandiswa Blie. I work for an organisation in the Western Cape called Mamelani, where I am a health facilitator on the Wellness Programme, sharing knowledge with people about their health. I focus on nutrition, chronic illness and HIV and AIDS. Mamelani came into being around 2003. I have been there from the…
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Widows for Change

I am Gracious Shirichena from Zimbabwe. I am a 49-year-old widow and a graduate of TfT Diploma 2014/15. I would like to give special thanks to the TfT staff for the good work, methodologies, effort and training which offered me so much in terms of learning and changed my way of thinking. After completing my…
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   “It was because of the TFT programme that I came to realise that I have dream, empowering female students of Zimbabwe.” I It was during the TFT journey that I began to discover myself and realised the potentials within me as an individual and my fellow female tertiary students in Zimbabwe. The tools and…
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