“Let me take this opportunity thank you so much for helping me to develop my leadership, writing and facilitation skills. All your efforts to build me have not gone unnoticed. The good news is that since I completed the Diploma course I have started publishing articles in the local newspaper. I amazed that people like my writings, I am now a known social and political commentator and thanks to skills I was taught by Ma Ntombi, Jude, Gugu, Zunaid, Francesca and obviously the entire Tft backroom team who made my our stay more comfortable.”

Michael Ndiweni, Zimbabwe, TfT Diploma course 2012-13

It’s now a year since I attended TFT 2010-2011 at grail Centre, but memories of that place are still fresh because I live what I was taught as a change agent. Before I acquired the knowledge of TFT I was one person who was very quiet when someone tries to infringe my rights I would rather keep quiet than to ague or challenge that person. I had that inferiority complex in me but after the TFT training I have seen a very big change in the way I analyse issues. I have developed that self esteem in me and I can stand to challenge the leaders in my organization if things are not done well. I am able to influence my community to rise to some challenges they are passing through in their communities and approach relevant authorities to help them. When it come to sought out any problem for marginalized people I fail to rest until when we sought out that problem I move with my head up.

Wamuwi Namatama, Zambia, TfT Diploma course 2010-11

“When I look at all these things that men are doing to women, I am scared, because for me it is supposed to be normal. I feel challenged and confused because I do not know where to start.”

Bhekumusa Maziya, Swaziland, TfT Diploma course 2010-11