"Coming from a Christian background, I had knowledge about the Christian way of worship and Christian values and principles that guide the Christian faith. I had no knowledge about other religions/ faiths. Therefore, the worship on Friday with the Islamic society was very enriching and opened my understanding so that I came to accept and appreciate the diversity of religions and that we are one people and living in one community and facing the same global challenges, we should all come to a point where we can lay down our religious differences for the good of humanity. We can have different ways of worship but we all worship one God, one world which should be a home for all. We should all come to a point where we place great importance to human dignity and value, saving life and not religion. Psalms 133:1 “how good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony”. I realised that religion is about having a harmonious relationship within myself, with one another, with creation and with God".

Christabel Mumba, Zambia , TfT Diploma Course 2014-15

“Before I did TfT I was struggling to design a workshop. Now I train others and enjoy designing workshops.”

Francisca Mandeya, Zimbabwe, TfT Diploma course 2006

“Those who authentically commit themselves to the people must re-examine themselves constantly” (Freire, 1993). I start this text with these words of Freire who has inspired me in the process of personal transformation awakened in TfT. Upon being accepted to participate in TFT certificate course 2012, could never imagine embarking on a journey that would completely change my view of myself, others and the world. Among several things, two important things I can say, initially, on the TFT: is based on content, processes and practices that leads us to question and reevaluate ourselves, our beliefs and values and, on the other hand, generates a profound positive impact in our lives at personal, social and professional level.

Gildo Nhapuala, Mozambique, TfT Certificate course 2012

“Since I participated in the Training for Transformation course in 2012, my life has changed in many different ways personally, professionally, and spiritually. It has been a life changing experience, not just a study programme. I learnt a lot of valuable things from TFT, but the most important value was the sense of commitment to the community, which will live in me forever.”

Afaf Doleeb, Sudan, TfT Diploma course 2012-13