Training for Transformation Creed

Training for Transformation believes that life is sacred
We are called to care for Mother Nature the provider of life to all creation
We join forces in the struggle to transform ourselves and the world around us in order to create safe spaces for our children, and to advocate for equity between women and men
In solidarity with the poor, we pledge for equitable ownership, control and redistribution of our nations’ wealth as hallmarks for liberation, freedom, peace and justice

About TFT

Training for Transformation is one of the Grail programmes. It is a course designed for community development workers. TFT is founded on the philosophy that there is a need for a new generation of leaders in development who are self-motivated and whose thinking and practice is grounded in communities’ realities. At the same time, Training for Transformation recognizes the importance of linking local and national initiatives to the global civic movement. It is a course for those concerned with the process of transforming societies. The training is based on the four manuals 'Training for Transformation' written by Anne Hope and Sally Timmel.  The books combine and simplify Paulo Freire's theory of adult education with other critical thinkers in the same field such as Rivo Tivo. Since 2002, Training for Transformation facilitated 10 Diploma and 4 Certificate Courses that trained 458 civil society leaders and activists from 137 organisations 40 countries, Africa, Asia, Europe, South and North America.


A new level of critically conscious leaders in development education whose theory is grounded in practice.


To build a vibrant global movement of TfT animators from strategic organizations and initiatives with the ability to enhance communities’ capacity to own and control development initiatives.


  • To build the skills, insights and abilities of teams, from NGOs, FBOs and community organisations, to empower local self-reliant community development efforts and link such efforts within wider national and global civil society.
  • To build confidence, knowledge and skills to work with and challenge local and national governments to ensure macroeconomic policies that are to the advantage of the marginalised.
  • To develop a new level of leadership in the development education field that is grounded in good theory and practice.


Training for Transformation is based on a number of approaches to change. The core of this work is the development of critical consciousness and creativity. It was developed from Paulo Freire’s radically different approach to adult education which helped people “to read their reality and write their own history”, and motivates them to action that transforms their life situation. The uniqueness of Freire’s approach challenges the traditional educational mould. The implementation of this theory is very practical with well-trained teams analysing the macro and micro realities of each area, finding generative themes and developing programmes that aim to develop critical consciousness and action.